Sunday, September 2, 2012


This is the bottom border. My attempts to photograph it were less than stellar.

I still need to do some embroidery for the grape clusters, a few curly stems coming off the top.
I've been working on border #4 aka The Top Border aka The Last Border.  But I ran out of cherries so a little tv time and I had a nice little pile, all ready to applique.

Here is #4.  I put my initials in the center, I'm adding flowers and grape clusters to this border as well, but it really is different from the bottom border There are no birds on #4.  Both side borders are the same as the pattern, well, they have a few more cherries
I'm over 1/2 way through the applique on this last border, I'll be doing the embroidery on the cherry stems and grapes while I work a second round of night shift this coming week.  I start the 7 pm to 7 am shift again this Wed night.  The second and final employee will be trained and on their own as of 7 am Saturday!

Is there anyone else out there still working on their top?  I'd love to see what you have done.  I think that there are 5 from this blog who have finished piecing their tops.  Mimi just showed the gorgeous machine quilting on hers and I know Lori from Humble Quilts has started the hand quilting on hers, I'm sure the cooler days will allow for more quilting.

Please post your progress, we'd love to cheer you along to the finish line.  And if you think it's too much, then how about adding a sashing of 1/2 sq triangles around all your blocks and make a wall hanging?