Saturday, May 26, 2012

At Long Last...

Just want to share the photo of my completed top...the last stitch was taken today, May 26th. I started this journey in November, 2010 as an applique novice and have learned so much along the way. The main thing I found out, is that there is so much more to learn:o) Now to clean up some stray threads on the back, do a careful pressing and make some final decisions about how it will be hand quilted. Then off to my long-arm quilter for basting...
(The photo was taken in our guest room which has just been painted and is totally empty of furniture - the only area large enough to spread this out and still couldn't get the whole quilt top in for a photo.)

 Pat in Northern Wisconsin

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quilting Two More Blocks

Here is quilting on my 2nd and 3rd block.

As a reminder I am doing the motifs that were on the original, then outlining the applique.

This block isn't quite finished. There are two flowers on the pot, then the star. I'm about halfway done going around the applique pieces.

I do believe the original had small clamshell quilting- can someone tell me if that is correct?
I'm seriously considering crosshatching so I wouldn't lose the motifs.

It is so exciting seeing the tops come together. Keep going!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

This is the final layout for my top. I had the blocks all up on the design wall at work (yes, work) and on Saturday I asked M if she would go to the office to look at my quilt top and give me suggestions on the layout. A second opinion is great with something like this. The first thing M did was take a picture and then we started swapping blocks, taking pictures in color and in black and white and moving blocks around. After 45 minutes and many pictures later, I looked at it and said "this is it!" and sure enough, M looked back at her photos and it was exactly the same as when we started. The moral of the your instincts! Now to start adding the leaves! Sharon