Monday, September 12, 2011

Two more...

Decided to work on two of the more simplified blocks -
 The second one sure is a good example of my inexperience with applique.Tried a number of techniques on the little gold centers for the 6 small flowers and everything looked clumsy. Ended up doing a circle of french knots on each one instead. I need more patience when working with small pieces...
Better get moving on  more of the blocks now that the first of the border patterns has been downloaded!
Have a good week everyone and
Happy Stitching!



  1. The French knots look really cute!! What terrific blocks.

  2. I love the french knots, now that's a thinking quilter! Very nice touch,

  3. French knots sound like a really good solution!

  4. I like your idea. I just completely skipped those little golden circles, but I think I'll go back and do that. Love this blog!

  5. We all come up with such great ideas that are helpful to the rest of us. You blocks look great and I love the idea of the french knots.

  6. Great blocks Pat and I think the french knots look really good.