Thursday, October 13, 2011

Block size

Does anyone know the size we are supposed to trim the blocks to?
I searched Sentimental Stitches and found no information.
I would like to put my center together so I can figure the length I need to cut the borders.


  1. Hi Nancy, You will trim them to 16 1/2" and they will finish at 16. We do not have all of the patterns for the center yet, we?

  2. They are supposed to be 16" finished size, but I think some of the blocks may end up slightly larger at 17" because it all depends on what size you printed the pattern i.e. how did you set your print scaling? e.g. did you print to fit to printable area/shrink to printable area or set it to None? I am aware that a couple of my blocks are slightly larger than 16" because of this reason. I will then slightly adjust the border by making the stem a little longer!

    We have one more block for the centre to go.