Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quilting Two More Blocks

Here is quilting on my 2nd and 3rd block.

As a reminder I am doing the motifs that were on the original, then outlining the applique.

This block isn't quite finished. There are two flowers on the pot, then the star. I'm about halfway done going around the applique pieces.

I do believe the original had small clamshell quilting- can someone tell me if that is correct?
I'm seriously considering crosshatching so I wouldn't lose the motifs.

It is so exciting seeing the tops come together. Keep going!!!


  1. I think some blocks had clam shell motifs, but I haven't saved all the patterns. You are correct, the x hatching will make your stitched motifs pop.

  2. Talk about exciting ..... to see someone doing the quilting as it is on the original... that is exciting. Great work and I look forward to seeing more blocks as you get to the quilting. Thanks for showing us.

  3. I do recall that the background surrounding the motifs was done in small clamshells, but haven't found the original post that mentions it. I also think a fairly small crosshatch would be much easier to quilt and still give a very similar effect!