Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some quilted pictures....

I just picked up my quilt from the quilter, but it is dark out and it weighs a ton, so I will post just a few of the pictures that she sent to me in my e-mail.  Tomorrow when I have some help to hold up my quilt, I will post some of my own pictures.  

This one is my backing.

I think she is glad to have it done.  She felt sorry for me when she saw all the cherries she had to stitch around...or maybe she was feeling sorry for herself.  LOL..  Anyways, I love how it turned out.  


  1. Mimi -- it is beautiful ! You should be so proud of yourself... I love the quilting too !


  2. It takes my breath away, Mimi!!! Absolutely smashing. You can really take pride in this quilt that will hold a special place in your heart always.

  3. What a thrill, it looks sensational!

  4. It is stunning. You did a great job and the quilting is gorgeous and really adds to you lovely quilt.

  5. It's really gorgeous. Well done!!