Sunday, June 5, 2011

#16 is done....maybe

I made my cherries/grapes slightly larger than the pattern, so they are close and some are overlapping; therefore, I may not do the embroidery stems, but we will see.   For now, I am posting a picture as it is now minus a couple of the cherries because of the size (the original has 112). 

I am finding that I like sewing cherries down, but not prepping them.  It's very tedious getting them to the point of stitching onto the blocks.  I am sure glad to have this one behind me now. 

My DD's wedding is less than two weeks, so not sure I will get to another block, but I will sure try. 


  1. Lovely!
    I like that you chose red/pink rather than purple.
    Has anyone who has made this block stuffed their grapes/cherries?

  2. Very pretty colors! I love you mixed them up.

  3. The overlapping of the cherries just adds to the charm IMHO :o)
    The sizes on mine also vary & they overlap too

    While I personally did not stuff them, by the time the edges are gathered & then turned under you have a slightly raised effect

    Congratulations on a great job on this time consuming block!

  4. I like it a lot and the variety of fabrics gives it a lot of interest.

  5. I love your red cherries/grapes. Mine were also bigger so I did the curly-ques but none of the stems. I don't miss them at all. You have a lovely block.

    I hope your daughter's wedding is beautiful!

  6. LOVE your block. I'm still stitching down the vines, geez! I have my circles all prepped. I'm only going to do the one curly q and then let my circles float like yours. A little overlapping is planned on my block too.