Monday, June 20, 2011

2 More Finished...

These are the latest completed blocks for me...though not sure about those embroidered stems on the wreath. Have done half way around and am wondering if I like them...will sit with it for awhile before doing some reverse sewing or finishing up. Don't know why exactly they are bothering me as I like all the embroidery up 'til now. 

 On to the next - Happy Stitching everyone!

Pat in chilly Northern Wisconsin


  1. Love your blocks. The stems are true to the pattern, so I think they look great.

  2. Beautiful blocks! I know what you mean about the stems. I put on just one stem rather than two. I have three cherry trees in my yard and that's what I see on them so that's how I did mine. Either way, it looks nice and two is what the original quilt has.

  3. Very nice, I haven't done my stems yet, but will probably just do one line. I love your basket fabric, nice choice.

  4. I like the fabric you used for the basket, it complements the other fabrics well. Like Mary I personally would only put one stem on each cherry as I think two would irritate me - I am from a county in England which is famous for its cherry orchards and right now there is one stem per cherry on the trees.

    Fiona, where it is very warm and humid.