Saturday, December 31, 2011

#24 is complete

I still have #21 to do and if I don't count the borders that I haven't started, I don't feel so far behind.  I don't plan on doing the borders until the center of the quilt is completed as I am going to do the borders (or I am planning on doing them) scrappy like the center of the quilt. 

Anyways, I started this on the 27th.

Here is the completed block as of very, very late last night.

and a couple close ups of the two colors ways of the flowers.

Now I am going to go choose the fabrics for block #21 and hopefully I can get that one well on its way before our final block is posted. 

Hey!  That sounds good, doesn't it? block.  I am thinking borders will be easy peasy, so if the blocks are all done, then the quilt is almost finished. 


Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. Another nice block, Mimi! I agree about the borders. They'll take time but they don't look difficult.

  2. Oh your applique is so smooth and nice looking...congrats on another good finish!

  3. I do love the look of your latest block. And it must feel so good to be at the stage you are at. Well done.

  4. Another terrific block with such fun and lively fabrics!!