Friday, March 23, 2012


Not that I am ready to put on my binding yet, but was wanting to finally pack up all my BTCT fabrics which have been out in the open now for over two years. 

What color are you going to bind your quilt in?  I was thinking my scrappy reds or if that was too bright, maybe my scrappy creams. 

Here's just a peek at my second border progress.


  1. It looks like the original was done in red so I imagine that is what I will do with mine.

  2. I am going to use one of my reds for the binding if I ever get there.

  3. Mimi - thanks again for the border info...I did locate the link (goes back to September, 2011) that Sharon provided. Will print out the info and everything is beginning to make sense now! I am so stuck on being a visual person:o)

    Your 2nd border is looking great - ready to start mine tonight.

    Bindings? Hmmm. I have the yardage for my backing which is the Moda French General - Maison de Garance that was used in all my baskets as the one constant. Thinking my binding will be from that fabric also. I love it so.
    Will be fun to hear what others will decide to do.
    Happy stitching everyone!

  4. Well, not that I'm close to binding, but when I cut my background blocks, I cut a long strip off the folded edge of the yardage and am using that for the binding. The borders and the binding will be on the length wise straight of grain. So I'm matching my binding to the background.

  5. I did the same as Sharon plans and used the background fabric for my binding. I used so many different reds this gives mine a more cohesive look.