Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Block 25 aka The Happy Dance

Yes, I'm finished the applique on all the center blocks. 25 done, 0 to go! What a great feeling.
I'm just too whipped to get excited. Once I get the cherry stems stitched, I'll trim down the blocks and sew them all together. I shall post a picture when I get to that stage.
Thanks for cheering me on, sharing all your struggles and accomplishments, it has truly made a difference to me. It's kept me motivated and I've learned so much along this journey. I'm sure it will be another 18 months before this is finished, (I'm hoping is will be done in that time) but one never knows. We need to enjoy the trip, not just the destination.


  1. Congratulations!! A celebration is in order for block 25!!!!

  2. Way to go Sharon - our completed blocks group continues to grow!! Really like your added touch of the little cherries to this particular have made it your own.
    I agree - we have all enjoyed getting to this point and receiving and giving encouragement to each other.

  3. Congratulations! It felt so good to me to finish block 25. That and the last stitch sewing the binding were the big milestones. Your block is beautiful. I thought the borders were easier since they don't take as much thinking. You'll be finished before you know it!!!

  4. Love your added touch to this block. Yes getting to this point surely require a happy dance. Can't wait to see them altogether.