Saturday, April 7, 2012

#3 is added....

I attached my third border today leaving the stems loose where it would be attached since I thought they were supposed to flow from one side to the next.

They were way off, so I started looking back at photos and realized they aren't supposed to meet up. Now mind you....this really bothers me.....but in keeping with the antique "reproduction", I stitched those two vines down where they were supposed to be.  Although, I do feel that mine were a little farther apart than they should be.  So to help fill the void (that bothered me, too), I added another cherry.  No one is going to notice.

If anything, people are going to wonder why these vines don't flow ALL THE WAY around this quilt.  Hope they read the little commentary that will be written about this quilt when it is done. 

I am still thinking that more than one person worked on this quilt  and that would explain why these borders are made the way they are. 

I would have given you a bigger picture, but this quilt is BIG and there was no one home to help
 me with it, so you are just getting  the important parts today. 

Now on to side #4. 

Have a Happy Easter everyone. 


  1. The border looks great, I think it wasn't uncommon for borders to be chopped off and not flow around like we do them now.

  2. I had to add more berries on my corners too! And mine are way off!! I love it's quirkiness!!

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous. I am inspired to continue on mine. I started it in January 2012 and have 9 blocks done. I am using various backgrounds like you did. Thanks for sharing. The border looks really great.

  4. I completely agree that more than one person worked on the original quilt. Besides the borders, there are such different styles in the blocks. I also agree with Janet - chopped off borders were quite common. *If* I were making a modern quilt (but I don't do modern applique), I'd probably have the vines connect but it doesn't bother me at all that these don't. I think your corner looks very appropriate. Nice job!

  5. I just LOVE how your quilt is looking - the finished product will be beautiful!!!

  6. Looking great, Mimi! Adding a few more cherries here and there is so appropriate too...I also find the way the vines are running as interesting - it is what it is, as they say.
    If any of us enter these quilts in a show, can you just hear the quilt judges (and quilt police) comments? Oh gasp!

  7. Lovely! I really love your use of multiple backgrounds, very charming.

  8. Mimi, I love your cherry tree blocks. Would you email me, please..quick question:

  9. I consider the quilt Folk Art, Art for the folks, it's the way it should look, I believe, Anyway your quilt is gorgeous.