Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did you hear my sigh of relief?

I finally finished my top. 

Thought it was done yesterday, but needed a little extra applique on a couple of the ends to make it reach.  This has been a long, but enjoyable 29 or so months. 

I don't have the patience like some of you, so my quilt top is scheduled to be quilted by the quilter on June 1. 

Now....what am I going to do with  myself?


  1. this is a masterpiece! Congratulations on completing this project!

  2. Hooray Mimi!! It looks excited to see how your long arm quilter does the quilting!
    Oh - if you have run out of things to do, I can send you my address with a map and an extra gas card to get you here:o)

  3. Wow, that is just stunning. Such an accomplishment!

  4. It is lovely Mimi...imagine life after BTCT..guess I won't have to face that for quite sometime. Great job!

  5. Well worth the time and effort. Absolutely gorgeous! You'll start another quilt of course.