Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still plugging along

Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare?  Well, I am a very slow tortoise racing with a whole bunch of faster tortoises!

Block 8
Winter is a good time to work on my applique.  Block 8 is done,  and I have two blocks ready to work on.  This is a long term project--seeing the finished quilts has kept it from becoming a PIGS.  Cleaned my scrap box and pulled some bits for the next blocks.  I'm doing them in the order I feel like--I  have 10 blocks done. 

Hmm--I thought the above picture/post had already been done--but if you've seen it, here it is again.

I did finish another block--

Block 9
I almost did #9 twice--I may have to pull out my finished blocks and label them--I haven't been doing them in order and I'd rather not make any extra!  Lori


  1. Good for you Lori. Your block is beautiful.

  2. Great quilts cannot be rushed! I love this block.

  3. Pretty block! I don’t remember there being a time we needed to have this quilt finished.
    Don’t be discouraged your doing a great job.

  4. Three cheers for you! This quilt is a personal journey for each of us - we make our own guidelines as we go along & support everyone in this special group. Your block turned out so lovely!!!

  5. One stitch at a time, that's how this will get finished. I did find that making cherries and grapse in bulk also helped. They are perfect tv work. I love the polka dot flower, great choices of fabrics. Also remember, it's the journey, not the destination.

  6. Hi Lori--I am dropping in from a visit to Kathie's blog--your block is lovely..Julierose

  7. They are beautiful Lori. Thank you for sharing them; and keep up the good work. Slow and steady.....

  8. Your blocks are beautiful and I'd admire our determination. Nope, I certainly would NOT want to do one of them twice! They will be finished soon. I feel that way about my Easy Street top and it's not as hard as yours. :)