Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Been to the Post Office......

My BTCT is on it's way to Paducah, KY....
.....even though it will be shown at the Lancaster Quilt show next month. 
Little did I know that this will be traveling over many states before it gets hung in Lancaster. 
They check it in at the offices of Paducah and then pack it up in a truck and take them all to Lancaster. 
I liken this trip to the post office to sending my first child off to college. It was a little hard to let go.  One good thing though is that I will get to attend the show even if only for a couple of days.  I will post some pictures of it when I get there and get to see it. 
Ok....I am officially excited!


  1. Congrats on your finish and shipping off for the show. The picture is beautiful. Love the quilting ...what I can see. Wish I could attend the show it will be exhibited in.

  2. OK, Officially.......you should be excited! Your work is amazing and I've been so lucky to follow your journey on this quilt. I'm super excited that it will hang where so many others can view it and fall in love with it as well. We'll be looking for a picture of you beside your quilt, and maybe even a ribbon? You never know!

  3. Your quilt is fantastic! You have every right to be excited (and a little fearful at letting it go.) But it will bring so much enjoyment to everyone who gets a chance to see it! Glad you will be one of them!

  4. Ok, I am excited too, for you and to see you little "darling".....

  5. Mimi...I hope you get to attend the show and see it. Thank you.

  6. We are all excited for you. Take lots of pictures.