Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am still here!


I haven't been around for a good 5 months and have had little time to pick up a needle and sew - blame it on my work! But over Easter I got going again and there has been much progress with three blocks.

I am working on the wreath with all the little fingers and oak leaves (top left hand corner on the original quilt) - have about six more oak leaves to add and it will be finally done.

Over Easter I started the flower bowl with the little loops across the top - its all stitched bar the bowl, I just cannot make up my mind which fabric to use? I keep prevaricating between two fabrics

The fruit bowl in the centre of the quilt is also on the go, but its all those grapes that's really slowing me up. I am using Karen Kay Buckley's mylar circles for the grapes and there are only 4 circles in the set that are the right size, so I am finding it difficult to make a run of them...

So my goal is to get at least two blocks finished by the end of the month or sooner and quite possibly three and then I'll have 8 more blocks and of course the borders to do. I am getting there :-)

I have been admiring everyone's work over recent months -  it has been very inspirational.

Best wishes

Fiona in England - where the daffodils are now finally in bloom after a long, very cold winter.


  1. We are your cheering section, so keep posting and we would love to see some pictures.

  2. Yes indeed - photos soon but no pressure from us! Agree about the little template circles - only 4 makes for slow going. I did mine in batches & for that particular block did a set of tiny cherries (grapes) and also a few larger ones just to add variety.

    Looking forward to seeing your newest blocks.

  3. This reminds me....I, too, have the mylar templates but for this project because of so many cherries, I bought the Paper Piecers cardboard templates (100 pkg) and they worked as well but I could do lots more at one time.

  4. Glad to hear from you Fiona. Glad you have picked BTCT back up. I'm still hand quilting away.....

  5. Way to go Fiona, as for the grapes, use 3 sizes of circles all together, it will add interest and will not be obvious when you applique your clusters. Post us a few pics.

  6. Hello

    Thank you for your kind messages both through the blog and personally - I hadn't thought of the Paper Pieces card circles. I have a Fiskars circle cutter - great for large circles, but not so great for the small ones, so I like the Paper Pieces idea. I am off to Pour l'Amour du Fil in Nantes, France next week so will look out for paper/card circles, otherwise I'll use the other suggestion of washers, although I haven't always been very keen on these because of their thickness, but if it means I get a run on of circles done - who cares!


  7. Lori would love to see more of your applique. It's wonderful. Glad to have to back blogging. Hope you get more time to sew - it's so de-stressing.