Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two more blocks!


I have finally finished two more blocks, although one of them needs a rethink...

This block has taken me since last August to complete(!), but it is now done and I am very happy with the end result.

This block I am not so happy about - in fact I am very unhappy with it, but decided to post it all the same. It's the one I started over Easter. I angst over the fabric choice for the bowl and it wasn't until I photographed it that I realised that the foot of the bowl a. requires reshaping and b. needs to be straight! I was in too much of a hurry. I am also unhappy with the teal bud - it's the wrong shade. Dear Janers say - "finished is better than perfect", but the bowl needs further thought. I love the fabric, it's a Moda, but it is just not right - the teal background is "muddy" whereas the rest of the quilt is quite bright. I will leave well alone for the time being and then come back to it near the end.

Eight more blocks to go!

Fiona in a sunny Engalnd (for a change!)


  1. Nice job Fiona. I didn't always like one individual block, but together the quilt really works. You should lay all your blocks together and see if you still feel like it needs to be redone.

  2. Your color palette has been one of my favorites since we all began this adventure together. I agree with Lori - wait awhile. In the meantime, your applique is so smooth and lovely. Enjoy your sunny days - we are finally into Spring too - thought it would never happen!

  3. Fiona...your blocks are lovely and I agree with Lori.....your least favorite blocks will be lost in the mix of things once they are all together and you will be surprised to see how much you love the whole quilt together.

  4. Hello, Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, I am hoping that the bowl block will "disappear" once I set the blocks together, but all the same, I will still keep looking for that "just right" fabric - it gives me the (valid?) excuse to visit quilt shops and websites... ;-)

  5. I'd fix the bottom of the vase and carry on, I bet once it goes into the quilt, it will be perfect! Thanks for posting, I have been poking along on the hand quilting on mine, but am away right now, so it languishes in a pile at home.

  6. Both of these blocks are looking mind blowing thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work. Very soon I am going to use them in my lovely villa rentals in Tuscany.