Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mary's block 7

Block 7

This block didn't go very quickly - maybe it's the time of year.  I changed a few very minor things on it from the pattern (well, of course I did!).  I think an applique pattern is a nice suggestion and not an absolute rule as is a recipe in baking.  I put the stems in the vase rather than behind it.  Having them behind it just bothered me.  I used pearl cotton for the embroidery even though Gay said the original is not really as shiny and more like crochet thread.  I think it's merely a case of what's available to us and what we like.  I like it much better than the floss I used in the first block and I'm going to redo the embroidery in that one.

I started block 8 and it's even slower than this one.  Yesterday I got one blossom and two leaves stitched on.  I think someone said no one knows if the original was a group project but it certainly seems like one to me.  Block 8 is very different from the others I've done.   

Liz asked me about not cutting out the back under petals.  I try to stitch each petal to just the fabric below it, not all the way through to the foundation.  That way, it doesn't get too thick to stitch.  My degree is in Textiles and Clothing and I think it makes the quilt stronger to not cut - if it's something I'd do (or not) in a garment, I'll do it (or not) in a quilt.  This is kind of like back basting.  Some do it, others don't and not cutting away the foundation is just my preference.   I don't echo quilt and that would be another consideration if you cut away.  Taking out the foundation layer doesn't seem to make that much difference in how thick it looks.  I just didn't want the look of that may layers in one flower.  That's pretty much what made my decision to leave one out.  Sorry - I can sometimes be very long-winded.


  1. Your fabric choices are very good. And the stitching of all those circles looks good too.

  2. Nice block, Mary. I like how you've embroidered the cherry stems. I wasn't going to do that, but a girl can change her mind, can't she? I also like the varied cherry colours. As for the flower stems, that is a dilemma. Luckily, don't have to face it just yet.
    I was thinking about the bulk more in terms of quilting than appearance. What do you think of the idea of quilting the applique before the wadding and back are basted?

  3. LOVE the colors in your cherries. I too, will mix up the colors, I'm thinking some of the chrome yellow might be nice in this block. And I like the stems in the vase as well.

  4. What a pretty block. I love the variation in your cherries.

  5. Great job!! I noticed you made your basket red with yellow dots, I prepped my basket last night and am hoping to get it stitched tonight. I'm sure it will be awhile before i can get the berries cut out. I thought about skipping this one and coming back to it.....but I changed my mind.;)

  6. Good job I think I will place my stems "in" the basket too. Not sure what I will do about the embroidery though. I too like the different colored berries.