Monday, January 24, 2011

Block One Finished

I finished block One.  
I decided to put my  little yellow circles on top and not do reverse applique'. 
I  think I was able to achieve a better result.  I also did not do the embroidery for the stems. 
I also changed my background fabric.  I started stitching block one on the other background and did not enjoy stitching on it at all -  too many little white leaves on top of the fabric and they were a  difficult to stitch through.  My new background is Kona Cotton and I really like it.  
I did prewash the Kona because it looked like it might shrink when it was washed.
Looking back I am glad I did not check out the individual blocks too closely before starting this quilt.
I mostly just looked at the whole quilt and really liked it.  I think some of these blocks are going to prove to be a little difficult for me.....I don't mind circles but all those little fingers and tiny outer curves in the pineapple block are proving to be a problem and I see more of them in other blocks.
Do any of you have any tips?


  1. You did a really nice job on block 1. The fabric stems and applied flower centers look good and help make this 'your' quilt'. Advice for harder blocks? Don't stress, trim your seam allowance as you work, and go slowly. It's just fabric! If your fingers don't match the pattern exactly, it doesn't matter. I'm sure others will have better suggestions.

  2. Love your block. Off to a great start!

  3. Read back posts to see tips and tricks that people have used. Also, make 2 or 3 less "fingers" and then they will be a bit thicker and easier to do. Love your first block, great colors.

  4. I agree. You have a really nice block. You are off to a good start. Pick the blocks that are easiest to start with and you should be OK by the time the harder ones are upon you. Looking forward to seeing your next block!

  5. Nancy, your block looks as though you are an old hand at applique. Don't let your self confidence hold you back. I think you did an excellent job on this block and everything will just fall into place.

  6. Wow! fantastic job on block 1!!!

  7. Everyone has good advice. I redrafted my "fingers" and skipped block #3 for a while. Thinking about it for a few weeks helped Its for fun, enjoy the parts you like. Don't sweat the other ones!