Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting is the Hardest Part

I believe the hardest part of any project is just starting 
Today  I am finally getting around to starting my Cherry Tree Quilt.
I have been collecting the patterns since the very beginning and really love this quilt.

I spent way too  much time trying to decide on a background fabric and then the other day I found this white fabric in my stash.  I bought it on clearance a few year back because it had a few spots on it.
I had so much of it I was able to cut around the spots.
It isn't the fabric I had in mind but it will do and I can finally start.
That said - I am already stumped.  I have never done reverse applique' and all those little circles in the first block have this tiny yellow dot in the center that are supposed to be done in reverse applique'.
Boy do I need some help. How did you all tackle this?


  1. Nancy, do what you feel comfortable with. I added a smaller circle to the red circle. I didn't do the reverse applique for that block.

  2. Ditto to Mimi, I appliqued a small circle on top of the red circle. Life is too short to stress over something like that and there is no trophy for those who did all the circles reverse. Great if it's a skill set you have or want to develop, but not for me. Please read back and you can see how some of us are tackling the circles, and the amount of them. Some of us bought paper templates from Paper Pieces. Do what you are comfortable with. LOVE your stack of fabrics, it's going to be very pretty!

  3. Me too...and frankly, I like the look of the slightly raised gold center vs. reverse applique. My own thought is reverse applique has its merits and definitely has its place to be used, but in the case of block #1 you can go either way without any concern. Have only been learning applique for about a year so this is just my own humble thoughts. I have found it is best to just keep at it.
    Jump in and have fun - your colors look classic!

  4. What a great selection of fabric. Just tackle one block at a time and if you get stumped I'm sure there'll be lots of help right here.
    I did reverse applique for those little circles and honestly, to me there's not much difference in doing them either way.

  5. I love your stack of fabric. I keep telling myself in the scheme of the whole quilt little things in one block will not be significant. Do what you are comfortable with.

  6. I didn't even know they were supposed to be reverse applique until I finished the block. I didn't do them in reverse and, honestly, I like it better with them on top. It's my quilt and yours is yours so ditto to what everyone else said. We're doing this because we like the quilt - not for a grade - so don't stress.

    You picked great fabrics!!!

  7. a method? any method that works and you like!

  8. This is how I chose a fabric. I put my hand in the scrap basket, and if the bit I pull out is the right colour and size - then it is IN. Good luck with the journey - Wendy W (in South Australia)

  9. Forgot - I did my centres as reversed applique. I like to take on a bit of challenge, so stuck to the original. As I have moved along (now doing 16) I have wavered a little. WW