Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Block 24

This block is finished, now back to border, side 1. 

Everybody still going full steam ahead?


  1. I Like this block!
    As for going full steam ahead_ I've come to a temporary full stop, as I"m preparing samples for classes...but once that's done, I will pick this up, because this is too cool a project!

  2. Another very happy block - love those stripes!
    Yep - still at it...finished #13, almost done with #19 and then have 5 more before border...so slow, but definitely getting there!Have had numerous gifts to do in between...

  3. I like the fabrics you chose for the flowers. I'm behind but still working on it. I'm doing block 23 now and it's about half done - it goes with me while I help my DD with the new baby and her older children. I have a baby quilt to finish for Christmas so that's taking precedence over just about everything when I'm home.

  4. Every day I look at my partially finished block and pick up something else. But I have 2 finishes this week so I'm getting back to BTCT very soon! Love the yellows in both pics of this block, I haven't even looked at any of it is so long.

  5. Wow, the block looks great, love the yellow.