Tuesday, November 1, 2011

blocks 23 and 24

 I finally got those pink centres on the flowers.  It is all finished now.  I did the cut-outs on some of the the flowers, but not on others.  If is hard to see them with some fabrics I used, so I did not bother!
Number 24 is all done now. I really like this block - it is amongst my favourites.  See hard to believe that there is only one more to got (plus 3 borders).  Bit sad, don;t you think?


  1. You are right - it is kind of sad to see the blocks winding down though the borders will occupy a good chunk of time too.

    Your blocks are lovely & Yes, #24 is a particularly graceful design.

    Well done!

  2. I agree, Wendy. I'll miss working on the blocks when they're completed. You did a great job on these two. I love the happy colors in the flowers!