Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Squaring Up

I started squaring up my blocks yesterday.  I was told they are supposed to be 16 1/2 inches. 
I hope that is correct  because I have already cut them. 
I have ten blocks that are larger than 16 1/2 inches.  
I wonder if anyone else has run into this problem?
I guess I should have been checking as I did each block.
They can be fixed it just means I am not as far along as I thought.


  1. I may end up with a problem because I tore my background fabric and have to tweak it back to square when I press it. But I found out I have my printer set to 85% and was tearing my blocks at 18" so everything should fit, right? All but the first one which I cut to 16 1/2. I may have to redo that one or add more fabric to the side. Some seem to go almost to the edge which puzzles me. One more to go and then I'll find out. I just need to clear my pressing table to square them up because an ironing board just isn't big enough.

  2. I've been cutting mine about 17" before appliqueing then pressing and trimming to 16.5 after the applique was done. Some of my pieces are pretty close to the edge, but that is par for me!!

  3. #1, once they are all together, if you applique is close to the edge, it shouldn't matter in the big scheme of it all.
    #2, somewhere along the line, we must have been told to cut them at 17" because that was what I have been doing all along. That was so long ago that I thought the blocks were SUPPOSED to be 17". Gosh, I can't wait to see these altogether!!!!

  4. There is no trimming down if you used 17" for your background piece...

    The finished size of the quilt is 98 1/2". 16 1/2 x 5 = 82 1/2. The borders are cut 8 1/2", which adds 16". 82 1/2 + 16" = 98 1/2", which is the finished size of the quilt listed on the first pdf file with the cutting instructions.

  5. Your blocks are lovely. I can't wait to star this quilt. Good to read about the sizing of the blocks. When I first started printing them, I did not check how my printing was set up, so I might have to take the copies to a copy shop and adjust the size. I have not saved the PDF's so I will not be able to adjust the blocks and re-print them on my computer. DUH!

  6. Hello Louise,

    What beautiful blocks! You do such lovely work! Continue to enjoy a wonderful week.



  7. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  8. Gorgeous! I'm a quilter as well as a writer. But I do hand-work because you can fudge that more than this. :)