Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making Headway

I'm still poking along with the hand quilting. I'm trying to do some outlining on the applique and then finish up my stitching session with a few lines of the cross hatching.

So far I have 13 blocks completely outlined and I have a jump on two more. This is definitely a slow and steady process. The hard part is getting a callous built up on my under finger after I take time away from hand quilting. I also ended up taking off my acrylic nail I had on my thumb, it kept splitting and lifting, so I thought I'd take the summer to give my thumbnail a rest and give it another go in the fall. Sharon


  1. Perseverance is the ticket! No matter what stage you are at it is such a beautiful work in progress. Once The Wedding is complete my plan is to sit on the deck with a cool drink and quilt. Just need to place the bulk of it on the patio table as the weather warms....

    Keep stitching!!

  2. It sure is looking beautiful!

  3. Looking just wonderful - keep up the good work! I find a break does make all the difference and that is why I have a few projects on at once - using different techniques. Hand quilting needs to be enjoyable too :)

  4. I envy your perseverance. It is looking lovely.

  5. Absolutely wonderful and hand quilted too.I recently started working on a quilt that I had put away a few years ago and a enjoying it again too!! I would love to hand quilt it , like you, but we will see..hehehehe

  6. I like your little pun!

    Sorry to needle you about it!



  7. 'tis me again. The veri words were 'fiberwise elSlavo'

    I thought you might get a chuckle out of that!

  8. Whew! What a masterpiece! Yeah, I think you deserve a rest, a time to unwind and enjoy even for just a moment. Wish I could too! Honestly, I find your work stunning and one of a kind! Kudos to you! Hope to see more of your projects next time! See ya!

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