Friday, December 20, 2013

Quilting Update & New Applique Quilt in Januaury!!

 I've finished quilting around the applique shapes in all the locks (not the border) and started cross hatching the background.
This is going to take me a long time!! I love this quilt!

Gaye and Brenda are starting another 25 block, once a month applique quilt called Benjamin Biggs. I plan on doing that one. For now, you can follow my progress on my blog, Humble Quilts.

I loved the encouragement I got from this blog. Thank you all so much!!


  1. Hello Lori

    I love your quilt - it's so bright and vibrant and I particularly like your layout.

    I am currently on my 18th block, but there are lots of circles which I have to do in stages but will prepare the 19th over the weekend to work on over Christmas just to give me a break from all those grapes!

    I will also be following Benjamin Briggs, but I really must get a project finished to make way for this one.

    Have a good Christmas everyone!

  2. Well Lori - you know where I am with the hand quilting as posted on Celebrate Hand Quilting...then there is all the Di Ford Mystery quilt through Quiltmania which I have just committed to. And now this gorgeous new appliqued beauty from Gay. Do we ever sleep?? For now I will download Gay's pattern each month and follow your progress...I love the look of the Benjamin Briggs project!!

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  4. Gorgeous quilt! I love it--well worth the quilting time!

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  6. That thing is just plain awesome. i wouldn't have the courage to begin quilting it.