Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Block 11

Here is one more completed block. This one wasn't too difficult.
The next one I'm prepping has all the fingerlings.....


  1. Oh how I LOVE the fabric you chose for the vase. I think this block is a bit quirky, and your interpetation is excellent

  2. I love the greens you chose for this block. I think it looks whimsical!

  3. Also liking your vase fabric! And that brings up another question from this beginner... since this quilt has a number of vases scattered throughout the blocks, do you repeat any of your vase fabric choices, or mix them all up or try to coordinate a number of specific chosen pieces?
    Look forward to hearing what everyone does!

  4. I like your fabric choices....very cherry.
    As far as the vases I am just taking it block by block with the fabric choices I make. I don't have too many good vase fabrics in my collection so am mostly going by color trying to spread some of the colors around the quilt.

  5. I love the vase fabric, too! I'm using whatever strikes me at the time for mine.

    You did a lovely job on this!!!

  6. I like the freshness of the green to offset the red fabric of the vase - I think it is very well balanced - you have done a great job.

    I have selected a number of different fabrics for my vases all within the same colour values, but I am not sure whether I will use them all, I think it will in the end be dependent upon the "foliage" above.