Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lots of Prep Work

I haven't posted any finished blocks because I don't have any to show.  That's not to say I haven't been working away at my BTCT.  My plan was to prep a few blocks to take with my on vacation, as I have a 7 hour layover in the Seattle airport. There is only so much eating and shopping one can with while carrying all their luggage with them.
Here is block 8, 9, and 10. I've got the vines all stitched down, plus I've marked the placement of the pieces with blue washout. All I need are three bobbins, one each of red, green and yellow, a couple of needles and my tiny airplane safe scissors.
 I've been prepping for the grapes block, as I know it's coming down the line.  I have swapped with a group online with repro prints and blocks and the swap leader, Joyce, so kindly sent me a stack of purple charms so I have a great variety.  I'm making all sizes for this block and will just lay them out how I think they look good. I'm not stressing on getting the exact amount or placement.
The border cherries are also coming along. I'm about half ways there. As well, I'm not concerned they are all the same size.  With the mylar Perfect Circles, the sizes are graded ever so slightly.  I hope others are still working away at their BTCT.  Even if it's making bias vines, or prepping circles, it's all going towards the big picture, a fantastic quilt that we shall all be so proud of.


  1. Prepping for a seven hour layover is a great idea! Gay said she was going to post something about the border this month so I've been waiting for that before I start working on it.

  2. That's great. You can never have enough prepped. It always seems to go so fast.

  3. Looks like you have been very busy. I like all your purple circles. Seven hours at an airport my goodness you can only do so much people watching. I hope you can find some good light to sew by.

  4. What a great idea Sharon. Me? I am still plugging away at the wedding quilt and will get back to my Cherry Trees once that is off to the quilter. :(

  5. You seem to be a woman with a plan. You just need time to take all the prepped pieces and put them to work.

  6. Good idea - I also prep jobs such as circles for my trips by train or air, it always seems to make the time go faster and I then have a great sense of self-fulfillment when I see how much I have achieved. It's also a great conversation starter. I have met soooo many fellow quilters from all over the world whilst sitting in air terminals and on trains. I am off to the Netherlands by over-night ferry at the end of the month, I am a pretty good sailor, but just in case I am taking plenty of things to do and hopefully, we will soon have more news about the border, so cherries maybe the "order of the day".