Sunday, April 24, 2011

#19 is done

Oh so many hairpin turns!  I am not sure if those were the worst or if it was working on all the little turns for the birds, but I am liking this block. 

I am, also, thinking I need to hire someone to prep my blocks.  I have completed two of the five that I prepped ahead of time and have gotten them stitched up in what seems like no time at all.  Of course, I did pick the two simplest blocks from those five.  Also, in this block even though I am trying to stick with just reds and greens, I did incorporate some of the rosier shades from the French General line.  It's hard sticking with just a couple colors, so I am hoping that this rosey fabric will just look like a lighter version of my reds.  I just needed to change things out just a bit. 

On to the next one.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Very pretty fabric combo- motivating me to get #19 done. Thanks!

  2. I love it Mimi! The background is so pretty too.

  3. It is so pretty, I love your color choices. The striped background look great!

  4. Your prep work is a definite plus! I like what you said on your blog entry about being able to just pick up the block when time permits...makes sense!
    Your vase and flowers turned out so well and those little birds are just too cute...they look quite tiny - and a little scary to make those little curves.
    Your colors are wonderful!

  5. I really like your fabric placement, especially the left flower. And the polka dot on the vase is a great touch. Really nice block!

  6. It's beautiful. Your really getting caught up.