Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am back in the game.

Life has been busy and I have gotten myself five blocks behind; and I was doing so well up til then.  This weekend, I have prepped all five blocks and now I can sit and stitch for "me" for a change.

I have all the paper pieces cut out and ironed onto their respective fabrics  and as of Saturday night, I needed to transfer the pattern onto my chosen backgrounds. 

Here is #15





As of today, almost all the pieces are now glued in their places using Roxanne's glue.

#15 has way too many pieces to glue all of them down at once, so this is as far as this one is.

Here is #16 with all the grape vines.  I had a picture of red grapes (real ones) to post here, but my picture turned out a little dark, so I won't bore you with that, but my grapes will be red.

Here's #17 all prepped

#18 all prepped

And here is the new one, #19, all ready to go.

I'll bet you can guess which one of these I will most likely  be doing last!    Right now, I am thinking I need some quick gratification just so that I can get back into the game. 

Don't know if you noticed, but I have added some new fabrics to my blocks.

Not that I really needed anymore fabric for this quilt, but I am sure you all understand.  I am starting to add some of the French General rose colored fabrics; and of course, I just had to have more dots.  We better hurry up and get this quilt done or I am going to have enough of this fabric line to make another half dozen quilts.  Oh well....

Hope to be posting a finished block soon. 


  1. Lots of great photos but I for one, don't follow your technique. What are you doing with all the paper. Why are the pieces arranged like that on the paper and presumably they also have freezer paper on top of them. I've not seen anything like this before. Do share and explain why you like it.

  2. I have the freezer paper pieces sitting on my "master sheet" for color placement only. I place the master sheet below my background and using a light box I do some tracing of that pattern on my background fabric. I, also, trace around my freezer paper pieces for my fold line when I do my needle turn. I remove the paper before I stitch.

  3. I like your red vase on #19 - I have a green fabric in mind but may just have to revisit the stash...I'm playing catch up too, thanks for the motivation!

  4. What a good excuse to gather more fabrics. They are all looking wonderful.

  5. Fantastic Mimi! I'm doing a bit of the same and should have something to show this week!
    I like your newest fabric additions.

  6. You really have been busy! I love your new fabrics, especially the stripes.

  7. Very pretty. I am so tempted to star this quilt. Your blocks are making it hard to resist. Beautiful