Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a new start, block #2

It took me a while, but finally a post!  I'm really happy I could join this blog and eager to get learn from you all!

I spent the weekend making a start on the Beyond the Cherry Trees quilt.
It seemed the most simplest one to start with so I began with Block #2.
Because I'd like this project ready to take to my Bee, and easy to transport, I opted to try pre-basting the leaves, and using Roxanne's glue to hold them.  This way I can just grab my needle, thread and snips and get to sewing.

The background is Natural Moda Muslin, and I'm using Modas' Bella solids for the leaves.
This may become a test block as I'm still not sure if the muslin was a good idea to use, but that is what I had in my stash, so in my eagerness to get started, that is what I grabbed.....
Anyone have any experience with this fabric they could share with me?

I love this quilt just as it is, so I may just keep to the colors as they are in the actual quilt, including the faded cream colors.  Since I don't have all the fabrics yet, those plans could change....

Here's a picture of of where I am now...the very very beginning...

I'm really looking forward to learning a lot from making this quilt!


  1. Welcome, Heidi! You picked a fairly easy block to start with. Honestly, none of them were very hard! Some took a lot longer than others because of the number of pieces but none were too hard. I'm using Kona cotton for my background. I'm a hand quilter and just hope it's not difficult to needle. Any questions you have, just ask. This group is really friendly and very helpful.

  2. Welcome along this journey. If the fabric is qualilty, it should be fine. There are lots of good tips and posts if you go back in blog. Please show us a stack of your fabrics that you are starting with.

  3. I've always been happy with the quality of Moda fabric so I think your background will be perfect!
    Welcoem to our little group!!

  4. Welcome. The more the merrier. If you are worried about the quilting quality, you could always cut up some batting and background and baste a 17+" square prior to applique. Then simply put the square in your hoop and do a feather or cross hatching to see how you feel about its eventual quiltability. If the weave isn't too dense it should be OK. Then just undo it and use for your next block. If I was worried I'd try it before I went too far down the track on the wrong background.

  5. Welcome Heidi - always nice to see someone new join in all the fun. Looking forward to seeing your updates - have fun!

  6. Don't let the patterns overwhelm you. Just take one step at a time and enjoy the process, especially knowing you already love this quilt. They really aren't difficult.

  7. Hello Heidi, I agree with Liz, if you are a hand quilter do a test piece to see how it needles. I am using a cotton sateen which is quite light weight, but I love how it quilts and with so many individual motifs on the quilt the light on the sateen should pick up the designs. All quilter and especially hand quilters have their pet loves and hates so go with what you feel is right for you.
    I too am working on this block although I am currently on go slow as work has had to take precedent, but today I am invigilating an exam so hope to get a few leaves stitched down - just a few stitches a day helps.

    Have fun with your project you will see that we all have our different interpretations.

  8. I think I agree with Liz too, I did the same test with Moda Bella and was happy with it for quilting. Have fun with the block, it's a lovely one.

  9. Welcome Heidi, looks like you got a good start, have fun. I'm doing the orginal color too, using Kona cottons for the background fabric. Looking forward to watching your progress.