Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Block 21 Finished

There is a lot going on in this block so I have left out the leaves on each side of the vase and I'm contemplating the bird in the center of the top two buds. Since it is a heavy block, I tried to keep the vase a bit lighter.

I'm working on my next block, I have the stems all glued down ready to stitch and a cup full of cherries and grapes ready to go! Oh I can see getting the center finished by summer? Six more blocks to go, is that a realistic goal? I hope so!



  1. I think that's a very realistic goal. Are you skipping around because if you aren't, you only have four blocks to go! I love the fabric you used for the vase. I left the bird out, too, but I did put the leaves on. Are you going to put in any stems?

    1. Yes, I'm bouncing around. Liz is sending me a pattern she used in her layout, I'm putting in another wreath in the style of #18 to replace #14, I am going to embroider green stems for the cherries and a darker brown for the grapes. I did one block and used red for the stems, it needs to be replaced with green.

  2. Spring comes before summer, so you have lots of time!! You can do it!!
    I love this block and the vase fabric especially.

  3. Very pretty. I do love the vase fabric. Good choice.

  4. The vase is lovely and really pulls the colors together well. I also left the little bird off of mine...you are right, this is a heavily appliqued block! I did include the leaves though.

    At the rate you are moving...you will have this together before Spring flowers pop up!

  5. Love it! It doesn't look to busy to me...I love the vase fabric!!

  6. Oh Sharon I can close my eyes and envision your goal easily. Great job!

  7. Good choice on the vase fabric. You are moving along and I think you'll get there by summer.