Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cherry Tree 19

I just love this block!  Anything in a vase appeals to me.  I dug deep into my scrap bag once again, and came out with e few oldies.  The wings and feathers on the birds were a bit of a challenge, but I managed to fudge it ok.  Do you just love my vase fabric?  I bought this from my friend Helen Juul, a quilter and quilt shop owner in Denmark.  Sometimes the fabrics that are out of stock in Australia or the USA, are sitting on shelves in Europe, and I was just lucky enough to get this one.  I am 10 days early, so I now have to get back to hand quilting a quilt that is going to the Sydney quilt show in 6 weeks.  Better get a wriggle on!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Block #2

Well, I've officially gotten started on the Beyond the Cherry Trees Quilt, you could say...
Yesterday I completed the block and I'm on a roll now!

It'a bit wonky in spots, but that's ok, I'm just beginning to get the hang of things, and I'm looking at this quilt as my "learning quilt" , the quilt that will help me learn about applique.  I have one or two pieced quilts made many moons ago, and looking at them always reminds me of how far I've come and what I still need and want to learn.  I find that very valuable, especially now that I'm focusing on "the process" of quilting....

For this block I pre-basted the leaves, and glued them to the background.  Very handy, easy to transport, and makes stitching them down quite easy.  When the stitching was done, it took not even 15 minutes or so to soak the Roxannes' glue out.  Nice.
Oh and, I'm not pre-washing my fabrics, and the reds held beautifully! Phew!

Today was also "The Wedding" as the media called it, and while Prins William and (now) Princess Katherine were getting married, I got started BTCT's Block #1.

I must admit, I'm still a bit scattered, and need to find a rhythm of working a bit more efficiently, but I guess that will come eventually too....

I've pinned down the pieces because we are having beautiful sunny weather here, and since doors and windows are open, I didn't want my bits wafting off under couch and it was, Darwin ran off with the toilet paper roll with my stems on it, with the intention of offering it as a gift to a friend who popped over.  Usually it's a bone, or toy of some sort, but they had been left the garden.....silly dog!

So tonight the leaves and buds will be pre-beaste, I'll continue making the flowers, and the glue everything down, and get to my favorite part, the stitching...!

And lastly, Sharon asked me to show which fabrics I was using...

These are the base line colors from which I'll work.  Mostly Moda Bells solids in a few different greens and solids from Modas' Maison Garance and Petite Ecole collection.  If and when I do add prints, they'll be bits from my stash.....

Since I've never made an applique quilt before, and so never a red and green one, I thought to stick close to the original.  I fell in love with the fresh colors of the quilt, and all it's faded bits.  I've never really made a quilt from solid fabrics, so this is a new something for me.  A good new something!
There's something to be said for the knowledge gained from "copying" or closely following an original.
Let's see how long I can keep that up!

Enjoy your weekend,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Block 16 and 17

I finally finished a couple more blocks. I still need to do 18 and 19.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

#19 is done

Oh so many hairpin turns!  I am not sure if those were the worst or if it was working on all the little turns for the birds, but I am liking this block. 

I am, also, thinking I need to hire someone to prep my blocks.  I have completed two of the five that I prepped ahead of time and have gotten them stitched up in what seems like no time at all.  Of course, I did pick the two simplest blocks from those five.  Also, in this block even though I am trying to stick with just reds and greens, I did incorporate some of the rosier shades from the French General line.  It's hard sticking with just a couple colors, so I am hoping that this rosey fabric will just look like a lighter version of my reds.  I just needed to change things out just a bit. 

On to the next one.  Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Block 18

I had this block almost finished for ages, except for the circles in the centres.  It just sat!  I found a few precious old fabrics to use.  These got dug up in my resent sewing room turmoil.  I have to clean up for redecorating/renovations.  Love the final result, but hate the mess.  Anyway, the block is done, and I will start on 19 today.  I have even chosen the basket fabric, found that in the clean up as well!

Block 12, 14 & 18- Edited

Since it looks like the center grapevine block may have had some writing on it, I am planning on signing it there, or writing something in the middle of that block and will do that before appliqueing the grapes. That is the only one I have left.  I put nine at a time on my design wall and love them all together.
You can see them here:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#17 is done

The first one of my five prepped blocks is done (#17).  It was some quick satisfaction and that is just what I needed.  Now on to the next easiest one.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LoriD Block 17 & 19

 I wish I would have set this one down a little bit more....
Block 19 is the last block so you might think I am all caught up.....nope, I am working on block 12,14,16,18..... Just thought I'd take the easy route for a moment.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am back in the game.

Life has been busy and I have gotten myself five blocks behind; and I was doing so well up til then.  This weekend, I have prepped all five blocks and now I can sit and stitch for "me" for a change.

I have all the paper pieces cut out and ironed onto their respective fabrics  and as of Saturday night, I needed to transfer the pattern onto my chosen backgrounds. 

Here is #15





As of today, almost all the pieces are now glued in their places using Roxanne's glue.

#15 has way too many pieces to glue all of them down at once, so this is as far as this one is.

Here is #16 with all the grape vines.  I had a picture of red grapes (real ones) to post here, but my picture turned out a little dark, so I won't bore you with that, but my grapes will be red.

Here's #17 all prepped

#18 all prepped

And here is the new one, #19, all ready to go.

I'll bet you can guess which one of these I will most likely  be doing last!    Right now, I am thinking I need some quick gratification just so that I can get back into the game. 

Don't know if you noticed, but I have added some new fabrics to my blocks.

Not that I really needed anymore fabric for this quilt, but I am sure you all understand.  I am starting to add some of the French General rose colored fabrics; and of course, I just had to have more dots.  We better hurry up and get this quilt done or I am going to have enough of this fabric line to make another half dozen quilts.  Oh well....

Hope to be posting a finished block soon. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blocks 12, 14 and 17

Three more blocks to add to the mix.

All I can say about block 12 is I am glad it's finished.

 Block 14 was a little easier and I enjoyed stitching it.

You gotta love block 17...doesn't get much easier than this and it's nice to get to relax once in a while.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a new start, block #2

It took me a while, but finally a post!  I'm really happy I could join this blog and eager to get learn from you all!

I spent the weekend making a start on the Beyond the Cherry Trees quilt.
It seemed the most simplest one to start with so I began with Block #2.
Because I'd like this project ready to take to my Bee, and easy to transport, I opted to try pre-basting the leaves, and using Roxanne's glue to hold them.  This way I can just grab my needle, thread and snips and get to sewing.

The background is Natural Moda Muslin, and I'm using Modas' Bella solids for the leaves.
This may become a test block as I'm still not sure if the muslin was a good idea to use, but that is what I had in my stash, so in my eagerness to get started, that is what I grabbed.....
Anyone have any experience with this fabric they could share with me?

I love this quilt just as it is, so I may just keep to the colors as they are in the actual quilt, including the faded cream colors.  Since I don't have all the fabrics yet, those plans could change....

Here's a picture of of where I am now...the very very beginning...

I'm really looking forward to learning a lot from making this quilt!

9 Blocks

I thought I'd share my 9 blocks together.
Seeing the results all together is a very good motivator for me. I am surprised at the weight of 9 blocks together. This quilt is going to be very heavy when it's layered and quilted.
I'm storing my blocks with a pant hanger. Easy, keeps them all together and keeps the wrinkles to a minimun.
A new block was posted, make sure you download it. I'm working on my next block, I'm still making cherries and grapes, and I'm still loving this project!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy to say this one is a finish! Think I counted 112 cherries - give or take a few...stayed with my red and green theme even though this called for purples.
Just did some simple stem stitch embroidery first and then tried arranging the cherries as close to the diagram as possible. 
I am also toying around with the idea of doing some sort of inked inscription in the center, but not sure yet - that can wait.
Back to #8 and all those leaves - the block I have been avoiding. 
And a big thank you again to everyone who has shared their images and experiences at the Infinite Variety/Red and White Quilts exhibit. I have been like a sponge soaking everything in...
Happy stitching everyone and have a great weekend!
Pat in sunny (and dry!) Northern Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Block 3 and 4

I tried to post this last night but my computer wasn't letting me. I like both of these block, some of the later ones not so much.

I found all my master patterns and put them together because of the quilting patterns on them that I plan to use when I quilt it, if I get that far that is.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two More Blocks

I've finished 2 more blocks.  These are ones I had prepped to work on while I traveled last week.  Some of my layover time in the airport was taken up by riding a bus instead of flying the first leg of my trip.  We love computers until they don't co-operate, and Alaska had a "slight" problem last Sat.  I just finished the second of three prepped blocks and here they are.  I will do my stems all at the end.

Block 10

This was an easy block and I enjoyed it. Used the *endless* method for the vine. No stems yet, I'm planning on making all those last.

Two more blocks prepped. I leave these laying beside my recliner so they're handy. Lori in South Dakota

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thankyou Sharon

for inviting me to join this blog and to Faye for pushing me in this direction. I am working on block 16 and 17 and appliquing a lot of grapes. When I first saw this quilt and decided to make it I fell in love with the color I saw on my computer screen, Apple green and Watermelon Red and so those are the colors I chose to use for my quilt. I'm finding I have to use other colors as well but hope it will all come together in the end. I will just add a couple of pictures now and add more as I go along. I am so enjoying watching the progress the rest of you are making on your beautiful blocks!