Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am still here!


I haven't been around for a good 5 months and have had little time to pick up a needle and sew - blame it on my work! But over Easter I got going again and there has been much progress with three blocks.

I am working on the wreath with all the little fingers and oak leaves (top left hand corner on the original quilt) - have about six more oak leaves to add and it will be finally done.

Over Easter I started the flower bowl with the little loops across the top - its all stitched bar the bowl, I just cannot make up my mind which fabric to use? I keep prevaricating between two fabrics

The fruit bowl in the centre of the quilt is also on the go, but its all those grapes that's really slowing me up. I am using Karen Kay Buckley's mylar circles for the grapes and there are only 4 circles in the set that are the right size, so I am finding it difficult to make a run of them...

So my goal is to get at least two blocks finished by the end of the month or sooner and quite possibly three and then I'll have 8 more blocks and of course the borders to do. I am getting there :-)

I have been admiring everyone's work over recent months -  it has been very inspirational.

Best wishes

Fiona in England - where the daffodils are now finally in bloom after a long, very cold winter.