Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Two Years and Still Quilting

I started the hand quilting on my BTCT Jan 1, 2013.  There was a hiatus of about 6 months while some changes were going on and then I got back to it.  There was a bit of stitching during the summer, but not a lot.  The Fall and Winter seem to be the best times to make progress and I'm looking forward to a lot of hand quilting in Jan and Feb.
The center with the most cross hatching done.

 A block I created and put into my quilt

Part of my bottom border.  I changed up the top and bottom borders and added a lot more to them. I wanted to pull some of the colors and elements from the quilt into the border so I added small grape clusters, some birds and flowers.

The top border is different from the bottom.  I added my initials and different flowers.  I didn't put any birds in this one, but there are small grape clusters and flowers to pull in the purples.

 The appliques have all been outline quilted, about 1/16" away from the pieces.  Cross hatching is 3/4" and I had it marked by Bellwether Quilting due to the size of my piece.

If I've repeated things in this post, sorry about that.  Just thought I'd give a view of my piece.  I know Lori from Humble Quilts is still stitching on hers this winter, along with Pat at Taylor's Outback.  Who else is still working on theirs.  I'd love to see where you are at.  Even after 2 years of quilting this mammoth of a quilt, I still LOVE it and I cannot wait to have it quilted, bound, washed and on my bed.  Maybe in 2016???


Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello Cherry Tree friends.  I have not posted for ages, and I have finally decided to resurrect this project.  I stopped at 20 blocks, as they were starting to look much the same.  I am now starting to trace off the borders and will start with the RHS border.  The top and bottom will be adjusted to suit the less number of blocks I have.

Does anyone have any special tips for the borders?  Did you do the bits of embroidered stems?