Friday, December 20, 2013

Are you up for another one???

Lori from Humble Quilts has posted an update to her BTCT (see below)and also is going down the slippery slope of another 25 BOM applique from Sentimental Stitches. Are you game for another one? Do you want to carry on with this blog and add in the Benjamin Briggs quilt? Or do we start another blog specifically for it and leave this one for BTCT? Please see post below as Lori has the links all there to see the new crazy that we are about to embark on! So what do you think? Are you quilter enough to take on this next 25 block applique? Just go look at how beautiful your BTCT blocks are and imagine having another quilt to keep it company! For now, I'll be blogging about it on my grassrootsquilting blog and Lori will be posting on HumbleQuilts. Please comment and we will go with the majority! Sharon

Quilting Update & New Applique Quilt in Januaury!!

 I've finished quilting around the applique shapes in all the locks (not the border) and started cross hatching the background.
This is going to take me a long time!! I love this quilt!

Gaye and Brenda are starting another 25 block, once a month applique quilt called Benjamin Biggs. I plan on doing that one. For now, you can follow my progress on my blog, Humble Quilts.

I loved the encouragement I got from this blog. Thank you all so much!!