Saturday, January 14, 2012

#21 done?

I am still debating whether or not I want to add that little bird.  It will be a tight squeeze.

You will, also, notice that I didn't add the  little ....whatever they are....drapey things at the top of the  vase.  My fabric is a bit busy and I didn't think it needed it.

Everything was  appliqued onto this block and then I had to do this.

Cherries, cherries everywhere.  I think that is why I kind of kept holding off on doing this block, but it really wasn't that bad.  I actually made three different sizes.

Now....what do you think these represent?  We have a few other vases/baskets that have the same thing.

My green ones don't show up well on this fabric.  I am going to say they must be jewels.  Yeah, that sounds good. 

Well, it may be block #21, but it's my 24th block.  Now on to the last block.  Can you believe it?  It's been a very long journey.  Once we are done with these quilts, I am going to think it was well worth the wait.

I envy those of you who did their borders already, but I am going to do mine scrappy and really felt that I needed to wait until I sewed the center together so I knew how to place the scrappy pieces for the border.  Which brings me to another design decision on this quilt.....I am going to be placing my blocks in a pleasing "background" order rather than follow the order of the original quilt. What about you gals?

Ok...onto the next block.


  1. What a lovely block! I don't think it needs the extra loops on top of the urn either.

    I am going to use Mosaic to help me find a pleasing layout. Someone suggested the urns/pots in the corners so I want to try that.

  2. Is anyone having problems with "blogger"? I had a heck of a time posting. My cursor is jumping all over the place and there are several blogs I try to get into and the screen just goes white! It took forever for me to post here and on my other blog.

  3. Gorgeous block Mimi - love that French General!!! & those polka dot lemons. I agree, what ever fabric is used for urn dictates how much embellishment. My own #21 said - go ahead and do the loopy whatmacallit's but the 3 circles would not have shown up due to where my print fell on the fabric. And I had the little bird done, removed it...just crowded I felt.Also will be auditioning placement of each block rather than following the original layout. Because of our color choices, some blocks appear heavier, lighter, busier than others and that can make a huge difference. And I tend to want to control things too:o)

    Finally, I just put a new post up on my own blog asking for comment feedback as I have heard from some of my regular readers that they can't add a comment this week. Now it appears it is a Blogger problem after all and nothing you or I are doing incorrectly. Frustrating as have also had trouble with loading images the last month, though that "seems" to be settled now. (fingers crossed)


  4. Love that block. French General vase is lovely and doesn't need anything extra. I agree regarding placement; I will try to come up with the best block arrangement regardless of the original quilt. I have had blog/comments issues but thought it was just me being goofy. Feels so much better to know I am sharing the same problems.

  5. Hi Faye, I'm going to do my own layout. I also might add another vase/pot to the block with only three stalks of flowers, I like odd numbers and I think that will make 5 pots total. Plus I've ditched a block or two and I'm doing something else (but I don't know what that is yet.) When making a 12 block sampler, I like to have 8 - 9 blocks done and on the wall, and then I pick fabrics and designs for the last few. Will I need one or two more wreaths, do I need more purple, what about the chrome yellow, Do I have enough. Those decisions will be made with the last few blocks