Thursday, January 26, 2012

Block 25

block 25

Here's my last block.  I changed a few things on it but it's basically the pattern.  I put in colonial knots instead of circles in the center of the layered flowers.  I thought about using French knots but colonial knots have a bit more dimension so I went with them.  I separated the sections of the bow a bit to give it a more folk art feel since there are a few other blocks that have that.  And I changed a few of the colors.  The light when I took the picture did funny things to the colors I used - the background is a very light Kona muslin and the pink isn't nearly that hot.

Last night, I cut out my freezer paper templates for the leaves on the three borders we have so far.  I have the berries all cut out and will work on some of those tonight while I watch TV.  I plan to trim up the blocks and stitch them together tomorrow.


  1. Very nice!! It looks fantastic!

  2. Isn't this exciting?! I love your block. It's all coming together so beautifully.

  3. Congratulations on getting #25 finished! Like your own touches too. A lovely block!

    Stitching away on # 23 tonight by the fire. Almost done & then on to 24.

  4. Wow, another set of blocks all finished, you are keeping me motivated. I've just finished my 17th block last night. I love your colors, can't wait to see all your blocks together.

    1. I just need to clear the room of animals and a few pieces of furniture so I have enough space to lay it out.

  5. What an achievement. It's been nice to share the journey so far.