Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Block Closer to Finished

Here is Block 20 in the pattern. It's my 18th block.
 I'm leaving the embroidery to the end, although I might kick myself when I get to it.
I found a block in this quilt that I'm going to use in this pattern.
Seven more blocks to go and then onto the borders.  I prepped a pile of cherries last night and now I need to prep some more grapes.  Then I'm going to start cutting out the leaves for the border; I've got the cherries all ready for them.  I'm thinking about putting my initials and the date in the border applique.  I'll have to ponder that for awhile.  How is everyone else dating their quilt?  Is anyone else inking in the center of the grapes like Lori did?


  1. I am SOOOOO impressed with anyone who can quilt as well as you. It's incredible!!

    I can manage very simple quilting...but nothing like yours! I shall watch and try and learn!!

    I've signed up to follow your lovely blog!


    1. Sarah, there are some amazing appliquers out in blogland and yes, the people on this blog have made amazing blocks. I love seeing all the different choices everyone has made!

  2. The fabric in your vase is so effective - the entire block is wonderful.
    I know somehow there will be name and inscription done, & had planned on it being done in the wreath with all the cherries. Will not decide until all the blocks are laid out in position though. On #24 & it is going very quickly - nice big pieces to work with though the wider stems are taking some getting use to after all the quarter inchers! Also have a nice little tin filled with cherries for the border but no vines made. Having issues with my Simplicity bias tape maker. More about that later.

  3. I love your vase fabric! I'll probably quilt my name and date into the border.

    I did all my embroidery as I went and I'm happy I did because that way the blocks were actually finished when I completed #25. I have the first border done - and I can't say how glad I am I waited! I don't think any of the borders would have fit had I just made them the length of the patterns. All four of mine seemed to print the same length - about 3" longer than the center. I did find the embroidery to be the fastest part of the border, though. I'm hoping to start border 2 later today - cherries are done and leaves prepped for both 2 and 3.

  4. I love your latest block. Very nicely done. I embroidered as I went, generally to hide the start under a vine and the finish under a cherry. I like your "found" block too. I have embroidered my initials and date (2012, I hope that isn't too optimistic) in the centre of the Block 16. You know, the one with all the grapes.

  5. Love your basket block!!
    Since quilting of mine may be a 15 year project, should I put the start date and an end date? LOL

  6. Your block turned out very pretty. I think for me....I would hate the thought of having to do all the embroidery at once. I did so want to be done with a block as I was doing it and the embroidery was a "darn! I still have to do the embroidery before I call it done", so I am glad it is done and out of the way. But, you have had that in mind so you are prepared for it. Enjoy the process.