Saturday, January 28, 2012

All the blocks

Here are all my blocks sewn together.  Now it's on to the borders.  I posted more, but not much,  about it on my blog this morning.

If anyone (Sharon!!!) can reduce the size of the picture in my last post form x-large to large, I'd appreciate it.  When I saw the size, I couldn't find a place to edit it.


  1. Stunning! Thanks for sharing your progress! Very motivating.

  2. Mine are almost together!! It looks great Mary!!

  3. Actually Mary, I like the blocks BIG - I like to see what fabrics you and others used... so extra large is great in my book. And so are your blocks all sewn together.

  4. With my eyes - bigger is always better! :o)

    Your quilt blocks together are fabulous and continue to give the rest of us the motivation to reach that same point.

    Beautiful work!!

  5. Picture is perfect, have you all checked out Humble Quilts, Lori has 3 borders finished and sewn on. I'm working on my 18th block this weekend. I HAVE to finish this and I'm so motivated by all of you! Thanks for taking this journey with me!