Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have 23 blocks made

It turns out that I did not stop at 20, but have 23 blocks made.  I must have got really confused, and forgetful.  There are two blocks in this quilt, that are almost identical ----but not quite....blocks 23 and 25.  Would you agree?  Looking back over my blocks, and the saved copies of patterns, it looks like I have block 23 but not 25.  Seeing how I have only 2 to go (plus the border!) I figured i might as well keep going. 

Would anyone be prepared to share their saved copy of block 25 with me?  Or is this really bad manners?

My other option is to choose the 20 that I like the best, and use the 3 extras as cushion covers.



  1. I so wish I could help you. I don't think it is bad manners either. I gave my patterns away as I didn't think I would do this one again, but kudos to you for being so far along. I hope you can find the pattern that you need and get motivated enough to get to those borders. This is one of my favorite quilts and I am sure you will be happy to did them all. Good luck.

  2. I too gave away my pattern. Which block is the one you are talking about. And what's with the 'no picture' post? *vbg*. We want photos!! Can't wait to see how yours looks. I ditched the block that was so similar, it had to fingerlings things inside and out on one, and just on the outside o the other. I duplicated the wreath with the 4 flowers, made one with red and one with purple flowers. Plus I got a couple patterns from Liz in AU that I put in and drafted out one of my own. Go for it and make it your own. And no, to ask for one pattern at this stage of the game is totally fine. Sorry I can't help you with this one.

    1. Ok, I will take some photos. Someone kindly sent me the one I was missing.

  3. Wendy - would be more than happy to share - I have saved all of mine in a big binder. I so need to get back to the handquilting on mine - it has been since November. Let me know how to contact you and will get a pattern off to you.

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