Sunday, November 7, 2010

#13 is finally done with three days to spare

Ok....don't get too excited.  I am on my own schedule, so don't feel any pressure.  I found this quilt when there were  four blocks available and not ONE of them was blocked out where you had to buy them. So I lucked out.   Once I discovered them and printed those four, within a matter of a couple days  the first three blocks were blocked.  Now the gal who is posting them (Gay) only has one up at a time. 

Anyways, my plan is to get one block DONE each month, so I quickly caught up to where I was supposed to be and I have been pretty much on target except for the last two months (lots of family stuff, funeral, etc. going on).   

So...tah is #13.

Not so sure about my light colored leaf here.

Love the upper flower even though I complained about all the fingerlings in the previous block.

....and here is the completed block.

Now I have a couple of days to breathe before block #14 comes out.  Except, Sharon has me thinking about all those cherries for our borders, so I am sitting here with all my reds in front of me  and am actually thinking of at least tracing out  a ......few.....or maybe more.....cherries this evening...just to save my sanity later. 


  1. I really like your interpretation of this block. Looking good!

  2. Your block looks great, I love the mix of stripes and plaids. As for the cherries, they were a nice diversion while I've been working on the finger thingies of block #3. I'm hoping for a finish on this block by next weekend.

  3. Lovely Faye, I like the little pale leaf. It's a little bit of extra whimsy in very whimsical block.

  4. The fabrics are all so different! I love the look. I am stalking the SS site each day to see if the new one is there. You would think I have nothing better to do! Only in excess of 10 projects on the go

  5. What a lovely block!! Oh no, more fingerlings to come?! LOL

  6. I like that you have used a variety of fabrics & patterns within your block.