Friday, November 26, 2010

Block 14 all done

I did take another photo - much clearer.  Must be time for a camera service.  WW

I managed to get the block finished at my sewing group today.   Sorry about the clarity of the picture again.  I think someone has been messing with my camera focus!  I will try another camera later on.

My block is made just from scraps out of my basket, and is remarkably like one a few blocks back.  Now, back to my other applique projects for a couple of weeks..  Wendy


  1. Fuzzy or not. It looks great. I just love scrappy.

  2. Excellent! You are really on a roll doing your blocks.

  3. I love the scrappy look with all your different greens. It really adds to the block, I think. Even just a little fuzzy, the block looks good!