Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mary's block 2

Block 2

Block 2 is complete and block 3 is prepped.  I can see a stray thread in the picture but it's just a stray.  Block 3 may take me a while.  

I zigzagged the edges of the first block and put it in the washer on gentle.  I had nothing to lose so just went for it and it came out good.  No more halos.  I think I gave it neither enough water nor enough time to discharge the fugitive dye in the red so it just bled onto the closest fabric when I dunked it but all's good now.


  1. Very nice, Glad to hear the success with your other block. Love the prints you've used!

  2. Very pretty! And what a relief for you after all the work on the other block to have the color problem taken care of.

  3. Now you have me looking for the stray thread! Naughty girl - must not focus on the things we don;t want. It looks very pretty