Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time to think of Thanksgiving....

and I now have time to do that because #14 Cherry Tree block is done. 

I am going to have to rethink using this fabric in this quilt again though.

I think if I have used it three times in this quilt, then that is it.  I won't be using it again, unless  it starts to really drive me crazy. Then I will be replacing them.   We will see. Only time will tell. 

Something to think about....this block takes us (or those that are this far I should say) over the halfway point.  Still seems like a long time when you think there are still 11 blocks to go though. 

Sure hope December's block is an easy one.  I think I am tired of doing the little hairpin turn flowers.  I want to move onto something different

By the way, I finally ordered the Paper Pieces 1" circle templates.  I am anxiously awaiting them and giving them a try.  I do have 130 of those babies all ready to be gathered on. to plan my dinner. 

Have a great evening. 


  1. I like your background a lot. It adds a nice touch to the blocks. BTW, Your blocks is fantastic!!!

  2. I like the background. I have a thing about odd numbers so I'd use it 3 or 5 times, but not 4. I'm working on block 4 and I'm tired of the hairpin curves...This is definitely a skill builder for me. Love your block and your choices of fabrics.

  3. Mimi how did you do the circle? I am thinking of just doing it cut away, your looks like a bias strip? It looks very perfect!

  4. If you're talking about the background, I like it, but then it's not my quilt. Sharon isn't the only one who has 'a thing' about odd numbers - so do artists, decorators, architects, etc. If you have all three blocks with this fabric in the top, my opinion (and I always have one!) is to use it twice more in the bottom to tie the sections together.

    And you did a really nice job on all the blocks. I'm still working on the first few.