Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blocks #23 and #5

Just to let you know that #23 has been posted.  It looks quite naive and simple to sew. 

Meanwhile I have finished #5.  It is a cute block and my favourite so far

I avoided sewing any of the basket blocks until I could find a fabric I liked.   The plan is to use the same fabric for every basket.

Now onto #7.


  1. I love your pot fabric and the red piece onthe top and bottom is perfect! I'm off to check out this months block.

  2. I see a heart on that pot - I love hearts. The 'patchwork' piece you used for the pot gives this block a completely different feel. Really cute!

  3. All of your colors harmonize very nicely. I have one pot I am still contemplating ripping out!

  4. I love it and the pot fabric is adorable!!

  5. I am with everyone - the pot fabric is so dear...great choice and everything works so nicely together!

  6. Really love your applique!Beautiful colours!
    Greets from Holland.