Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally # 15 is done....

Gosh, I thought this one was about done,....twice.  Well into the block I realized there were pieces missing, so had to go cut out more freezer paper pieces and then fabric and get back to stitching.  Then I thought I was almost done when I realized there was one more bud missing.  I don't know what happened.  Either I never did them or I lost them  when I kept taking this one out of my bag to show off my progress.  Oh well, it is done...even the embroidery stems.  On to the next one.

What's everyone going to do with the newest block?  Are you going to make the circle stem wonky or smoothe it out.  I am debating. 


  1. I will make it into a proper circle, and I've done that with all the wreath blocks. If you have other wonky wreaths, then I'd keep it like the pattern.

  2. Love this block Faye - I like asymmetry!

  3. I am thinking of doing it with a slightly squarish circle. (Does that make sense?)

  4. Faye, I think your block is beautiful. In particular, those gorgeous little gingham blossoms.
    I like the naivety of the blocks, but I think I may have smoothed the previous circles out somewhat.

  5. Great block. What a pain to have to keep making pieces for it.
    My circles are never very round I'll try to make it round... LOL