Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two more blocks...

Well, I think after completing these two, the next couple of blocks will be simpler ones for a change. I found both to be kind of labor intensive and although all those little fingers were surprisingly enjoyable to do...happy to say they are done.
Thinking that center 5 layer flower is a tad dark, but it will stay as is. 
The photo of the completed blocks laid out was taken a while back before the latest two were added. 
 Happy stitching everyone.

Pat in Northern Wisconsin


  1. They look absolutely stunning! Great job!!

  2. I don't think the 5-layer flower is too dark at all. The light contrasting fabric made a big difference in that. Your blocks all look really nice.

  3. Block 12 IS labor intensive, I'm working on it right now. I think each of the corner sections take an hour each! I like the basket fabric and your flower pops against the red, i like it. All your blocks together are looking really great!

  4. Love your blocks. Colors and all. Yes, some of them are labor intensive and that is why doing this as a BOM makes it so do-able. They all look great together.

  5. Ooh! Aah! Wonderful blocks. I want to make some of them but have had such a time deciding whether to do red & green similar to yours or just a variety of repro fabrics.

  6. Thanks all - appreciate the sweet & encouraging comments.

    Karen - while the original 1850 quilt was red & green we are all doing our own version - some traditional, some brighter & for a gorgeous color variation check out Fiona's take on these blocks.

    Do what makes you happy!