Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cherry tree 22

I am all up to date now.  I could not get the centres of the flowers quite as small as the drawing - darn.  As I use Perfect Circles, and I did use the smallest,  they were still not small enough.  Never mind,  it is the thought that counts.  Now ready to start on the next one.

For those interested, we are going to start getting the border next month.  Get ready for all those circles!

Wendy (in South Australia)


  1. Your block looks wonderful....and no one will match up the pattern to your quilt and notice the circle sizes are different! Bring on the border, I'd like to work on one, then get back to some blocks and mix it up.

  2. Really?? We are getting border instructions next month! I had better get busy. I want to be caught up by then. By the way, your block is beautiful!!!

  3. Your block looks lovely. I didn't even bother to make those circles, they were too much of a challenge for me, so well done to you! Thanks for the heads up re the border. I better get cracking on those blocks. You've done well to keep up.