Monday, August 29, 2011

Fraternal Twins

When I saw Mimi's block #20 I thought she had mislabelled it.  I was working on block #7 and I thought she was too.  I had to go and check for myself:

Block #7 
and almost the same, but not quite

Block # 20
 There are other similar blocks throughout the quilt.  I wonder why, when there are so many patterns available,  the maker chose to almost repeat the same design a few times.


  1. There have been a couple of comments since we started this that perhaps the original quilt was a group project. Did a number of quilters contribute? Was this quilt presented to someone? Where did it originate from? Perhaps an isolated area where availability of patterns was limited? So many questions - so many possibilities & we will never know. Perfect example of why we should be documenting our quilts when completed. "quilt maker unknown" - how sad.

  2. Wow....I didn't even realize that. Wish I had a design wall that would hold all the blocks and then maybe I wouldn't forget what's under that pile of blocks that are already done. Liz, your blocks are looking great.

  3. I'm with Pat, I do think many hands made this quilt. Some wreaths are perfect circles and some are rounded squares. Some are complex and some simple and some similar. Maybe the same person made these two or stitching buddies made one each. The beautiful mysteries of vintage pieces.
    I also didn't realize it was a different block, I better to back to making more cherries!

  4. I have not done the second of these two blocks. They were too much alike for my taste. I am going to only use 20 of the 25 blocks, so thought it was a good chance to skip one.

  5. I like the choice of fabric you made for the second basket. The one that looks like a crazy quilt. A good use for that fabric.

  6. Since there are a few twin blocks I am hoping to use that situation for the positions of the blocks. I will put these two as far apart as possible allowing for the many "wreath" blocks that also need to be positioned as far apart as possible! Thanks for the input.

  7. Beautiful! Both are quite lovely indeed, and adore the basket in block 20.:o)

    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. I am always excited when someone new stops by to say hello. I sure hope you drop in for another visit soon, and certainly will be back here to say hello.

    Happy week to you and enjoy your quilting.



  8. I guess the two similar blocks are to check and see if we are with it enough to notice! I'm glad I could readily see the difference!