Tuesday, August 2, 2011

working on block #15

I have been putting off getting back to my Cherry Tree blocks lately, but I have picked up block #15 again, but the one thing that has been running over and over again in my head is how to do that "layered flower" that sits in the center of the block on the vase.  The one thing I did not want to do was have six layers of fabric in this one spot.  So my solution was to have just  two layers of the flower laid out on the background.  I know some of you have eliminated layers because the flower was getting so thick.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you how I have made this flower and then in a couple days I will be able to post a finished block.

I cut out my freezer paper pattern and had all the layers drawn on this one piece.
Then  I took my flower fabric and laid it on an alternate fabric that will be the secondary pedals.

I traced around the freezer paper onto the fabric and then cut away the next layer of the flower and traced that and so on and so on until all layers were drawn onto my main color.  I then basted the flower onto the background on the outside edge, the middle and somewhere in between those two bastings.

Then what I did was cut through the center of the lighter segment (of the  main flower fabric only)  so that I could needle turn on either side of the main fabric exposing the  lighter segment. 

Here is where the first, outer, lighter segment is all stitched. Then you skip the next red petal  and repeat in the next section that will be the lighter petal and repeat that process. 

Here is the second lighter (inner) petal all stitched.

Then the next step is to cut away the excess background fabric being VERY careful not to cut your main flower fabric. 

Easy peasy.

A finished ....two layered....flower all ready to be stitched down on your block!  I am so glad I ruminated over this one and came up with this solution.  Maybe some of you have used this idea, but I am just excited that I didn't have to use numerous layers to achieve the look without compromising the original design. 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  Now to finish the block. 


  1. What a clever way to approach this layered flower...sigh...I just finished that block this week, going layer upon layer - all 5.(Will try to put a photo up tomorrow.) Knowing there are other blocks coming up though will try your method!! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. Oh you smarty pants! That is an amazing "out of the box" process and I am definitely going to try that. I was thinking some broderie purse for that flower, but now....Terrific! And thanks for sharing the process, one more trick up my sleeve.

  3. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. I am sure it will take the heartache out of the flower. Maybe I can use it somewhere else too.

  4. I never thought of this method and I love it! Now I just hope I remember it when I need it.

  5. What a fantastic way of doing it!! Nice tutorial Mimi!!

  6. Great tutorial! I don't actually quilt very often (too busy with the research and writing that I love to do). But I have now filed this away for future reference. I LOVE all forms of applique and definitely want to try this some time now that I have seen how it's done!